The Jacksons.

Six years ago, we shot this lovely couple’s wedding. Jenny hung out in the art dept through college with us,  leaving a lasting friendship.

Even if that’s mostly on social media, at least we can still keep up? She’s always been saying how she would love a session but she was

worried the boys (all three) wouldn’t cooperate. Ha! We finally made it happen and they all even humored me with smiles! Winning!


Noah. He’s full of hilariousness, especially his faces.


Yep, that’s snow. The ground was covered when we woke up that day and it was below freezing. But dang it, I was making sure Jenny got

some good family pictures before the kids were in high school.


Dominic! That smile! Show those teeth all the time, buddy!! You both are so handsome!


Love those smiles you two. For a hot second, Derrick seemed to be enjoying it. 😉


So happy to finally get to shoot y’all again! Not only will your kids thank you years from now, I’m sure your families will be happy to have

some great shots of the Jacksons with everyone in them! 😉  Great to talk with you in real life. :-* Heart, Melanie.

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