The Hollingsworths & Johnsons.

You are not imagining it, you just saw these pretty faces over the summer. Now they’re back with Ginny’s family. These are some of my

favorites of all the different families. 🙂


The matriarch of the family is the pretty gal in red.


Haley and Nolan are always so photogenic and pleasant for me. I call that, “well trained.” Nicely done, Ginny. 😉


So happy we could still find some fall happening this day. It was in the low 20s that morning with snow and by afternoon it was still

freezing temps. Eek!


These two were adorable. Miss sassafras strongly reminded me of a certain little girl who sleeps down the hall from me.


The Bengals were on. It was very cold. All the men (but Nolan, front and center, lololol) were over it. Everyone had gone in and then one of

the Aunts suggested they do a silly pic. I loved the idea but was concerned to drag everyone back out. Some had already started changing

and eating. But they did and I was thankful because how can your personality truly shine when you are in such a big group? Posing is

for the birds. I told them, “I will count to 3. Do something funny or I will make you stay out here until you cooperate.” HA!


Thanks for braving the weather, troopers! Hope your family Thanksgiving was wonderful! Thanks for having me again, Hollingsworths

and especially into your home. You guys rock! Happy Holidays!

Heart, Melanie.

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