Those yearly pics, or something like that.

A few weeks ago we made our yearly adventure to cut down my aunt’s Christmas tree. The weather happened to be quite nice and I was

feeling ok enough to shoot. So we spent a solid 5-10 minutes getting a few yearly headshots and a few family shots. Super easy, super quick.


Trouble is now THREE and mother hen is now FIVE!


I told Nico to go stand by NoJo and smile. Or be a karate kid. Same diff.


A simple sucker bribe works wonders.


I told Adam to go stand over there and let me meter and focus on him so my aunt could just push the release. Annnnd I wonder where

Nico gets it from.


I think I was 30+ wks here. Thanks for takin a pics Dale!


Consider this your Christmas card. I’m so exhausted and so uncomfortable (to spare you the mile long list of ailments) that I figured we’d

forget about a card and just send out something once the boys arrive. Plus, y’all know I’m cheap and that’s a lot of printing and postage. :0


Aunt Deb came for the first time this year. Dale is on the right. They are my mom sisters if you can’t tell. They all look so similar!


Thank God my kids do well taking pictures because when we can (sadly) only squeeze in ten minutes before getting on to the next thing,

they better dang well smile for me. 😉 It’s going to be so stinkin crazy to a single solid shot once the twins arrive. Lord help us. 😀

Heart, Melanie.

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