Her first recital.

So many exciting parenthood moments have been happening around here. Seems like every few days, one of them makes

us beam with pride by doing something new. I guess that’s what happens when you have like 23 kids. Always something happening

and less mundane, more exciting stuff. A couple weeks ago Nico, just shy of 3.5, decided to take his training wheels off. I removed

the wheels and before I could stand to help him, he was already on the bike riding away. What the? Ok then! Not that I’m shocked with his

lack of fear and his track record on mile stones.  Last week he decided to start writing his name on his own after I had been

begging him to sit down and work on it for ages.

Since I know NoJo is my only girl for sure (though she asks me daily for a sister 🙁 ), I’m already realizing all the last “first times” with

her. Her first recital was adorable. I set my expectations reeeeeal low and was extremely surprised she danced (and sang) so well with

both songs. So proud of her because I was certain she’d stand there and be distracted by others just like she did during parent observation

night. But seriously, I couldn’t stop telling her how proud I was that she did the whole dance, regardless of the fact she stared at the

teacher the whole time. 🙂


Only 5.5, but so grown up. So stinkin’ pretty. That’s our girl!


The other hambone asked a million times when it was his turn to dress up and go on stage. When he could wear a tutu and dance

for everybody. He was dying for the attention to be on him! And wow! They look so much alike now, it cracks me up.


The twins did great the whole performance and buuut crashed at the end.


The babies ditched their swings and have moved on to the exersaucer and jumper. So bittersweet to put the swing away, knowing

I’ll never have another baby to get it out for. Too early to dream of grandchildren? 🙁 Hmmph. But they’ve entered the smiley,

super cute chuckling stage and it heals my achy heart. Getting out the new toys was just as interesting to the bigs

as it was for the babies.



Those eyebrows.


They notice each other now but don’t really interact yet. I still think they think its a mirror. Don’t really get it yet. :0


Our first wedding is coming up. How did time go that fast?! Womp!!!

Heart, Melanie.

  • JennyBZ - Man oh man does this make my uterus ache for a little girl. Or twins. Lol I remember my dance recitals so well and hope to have a little girl like Nojo so she can be a little dancer too! She really is so gorgeous and so grown up! Can’t believe how big the twins are!! I need to come visit! xx

  • Stephanie Lyell - Goodness is this an adorable post. So many proud momma moments! Nori looks like a graceful, beautiful little dancer!

  • Dianna - Nori is gorgeous! This post makes me wants to have a 3rd to see if I get a girl.

  • Aunt Net - Omg Nori is such a poser flashing that gorgeous smile! Nico wants to be just like her and it’s hilarious. It is so sweet to see both the “bigs” dote on the twins. It is so genuinely the love they have for them. No matter where we have been, Nico insists on holding them and Nori is right there bossing-I mean showing him how to hold them. The twins r so precious and as I told you after I spent time with you, you are amazing parents, with luv n patience for all of that commotion that goes along with it. I was so impressed at how the boys just light up and try to speak when they see you-so precious! Thnx for sharing these special family photos and giving a glimpse of life with the Paces! Luv u guys!

  • Renae - Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. Her smile just lights up her face!

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