The Denos.

This is so exciting for me to type because I finally get to change “Laura & Craig” to “The Denos,” which means they’ve switched into my “family” category!

What what!! A journey that was long and stressful but soon there will be a little lady in their arms to wash away all that past sadness!


Glowing with such beauty!


The shadows were dancing on her belly with the wind and I loved it! Not to mention the hilarity of a basketball in there!


Never been prettier, my love!


I said, “it’s like you’re holding a bowl full of jelly.” Gained the perfect chuckle.


When people request the same location often, it’s hard to keep it fresh for my eyes. Nike Baratas I like when I can find something new to do with the light and

location. Makes me giddy inside.



About 15ft away there was a family being photographed and the photographer was doing the obnoxious singing we all do to get the kid to laugh and

I was like, “See that, that’s going to be us in a year so, don’t be too annoyed. soldes adidas chaussures sport nautique homme You’ll see.” Laura was all, can’t wait! Bahaha.



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  • I just love you guys.


    Love love love.


    It’s hard to be serious when we are together. :0


    I’ve been wanting to do this with a client forever and I just never have a good opportunity. Finally had a location and a client who could stand still

    and follow directions PLUS, that belly is the best part. HA! Love it!


    Just can’t get enough of that tall slender silhouette and the fine line of light making her glow!


    She’s going to be here so soon and I’m geeking out! It’s so good to see you two sooo happy! Love you all.

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