Mr & Mrs Kladakis!

What a fun way to end our year with Amanda and John!


Nori sat next to me as I processed these images and she said, “Wow! That bride is really pretty! I like that her dress comes up around her neck! She

looks so happy!” I said, “I think you just made Amanda’s mom’s whole year with that comment!” It’s true, MOB trying to steal the show!!


Amanda’s folks new house is INCREDIBLE. I wish I could shoot every wedding in it. There were more windows than walls!!!


Mama raised a kind hearted gentleman, stopping to kiss her like that! <3


He put a ring on it!!


It was low 30s, so we were like, super warm and comfortable…for the 3 hrs in between we had for portraits.

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  • 🙂 I can’t even believe they wanted

    to keep going! Troopers for sure. I was in layers and couldn’t feel most of my body. nike tn noir Shew!


    I mean, those berries and that happiness combo!!


    Between Adam, me and the two videographers all getting a different angle and shot, I think John was asked to kiss her head like 17 times.

    It was pretty hilarious, but who would complain about kissing their new wife, right?!


    John did this same thing during the engagement session. At the very end, all the sudden this goofiness came out. Love it!


    I do believe those were Grams earrings. Classic and stunning!


    We LOVE a group of fun guys.


    After John held Amanda’s shawl for me so I could get some bare shoulder shots, the guys were all jealous and wanted to show me their inner lady.

    As you’ll see, it was rather natural for a few of them. Maglie Denver Nuggets :0 I had tears in my eyes watching this hilarity.


    All the speeches were great. Lots of laughter all around!




    I’ve NEVER seen a FOB get down like Mr. Neyer. asics gel lyte 5 hombre rojas He was feeeeeling it. I’d love to see more Dad’s out there doing whatever those moves were

    he was doing out there. Bahaha. Nike Store Italia Amazing.


    kladakis070The Renaissance was great on top of all the beautiful locations we shot through out the day. The happiness and love all around is so evident.

    I pray that you get to enjoy it for a lifetime. Y’all have been through and are stillll going through so much, I hope you all have nothing but joy

    in your futures.

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