The Huhns.

The Huhn family is the cutest. What a group of kind people pictured below!

Just a few years ago I shot Sammy as a chubby one year old and now look at Ryan and Leah’s full hands!

Finley is the wild card. Also known as the middle child. We all know the type. 😉

Sammy encouraging Josie Kate to smile. Big brothers always have the touch!

This hot mama!

Pausing for some milks. But the beauty in this mundane!

They spent all this time to get the goats and mini horses out in the field behind them for a full family portrait and then every time we moved the group to see more of the

animals, the animals moved again to hide behind them. Bahaha.


Love those smiles!

Look closely at Miley’s crazy eyes!!

The perfect depiction of me telling the adults, “juuuust keep smiling!” 🙂

Hello gorgeous!

Felt crazy and stressful day of but happiness was still found!!

The hair on these girls! I’m so jealous! Only enhances their beauty!

And then there was teenage Joe just trying to get through the madness…while sunbathing and browsing social media. <3

And then one last fancy shot of these two lovebirds. Woot woot!!

Thanks for having me again, y’all. A little disappointed I wasn’t stalked by goats the whole session like last time, but maybe go around. HA!

You all are lovely people. XO. Heart, Melanie.

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