Megan & Christian.

Let’s talk about how this was such a perfect night! These two were so relaxed and fun plus the “60%” rain, yeah, that never happened! They came

from over  2hrs away and we had to make the call early in the day because of her beauty appointments and travel time. Thank goodness we went with

our guts because the sun was a shining magically!!

I mean, the sun on their skin. The field of yellow flowers. It’s like a photographer’s dream!

How sexy are you, Megan?!

They’re laughing because a car was approaching me quickly and I didn’t care. I just stood there hoping they’d stop for me. :0 “That time we were shooting

and the photographer went splat on the pavement.”

Megan ideally wanted to shoot on the water and their boat back home but logistically I just couldn’t make that happen. I showed her the one other

session I did this and she loved it. Besides the love inside the boat, that light makes this shot perfection!

I shoot solo so you guys, it. was. hysterical. And so hard! Just the mere fact of me trying to row the damn boat correctly is a feat in itself, add

in equipment and using the light properly on top of having them control the boat just how I wanted it. Natural laughs were easy to come by!!


That goldeeeeen light, y’all!!!

Such a fun night! I laughed on my way home thinking about what a nightmare that would have been to try and do the boat during a family session.

Engagement sessions are much better for experimenting or doing crazy things. LOL. Well thanks for making the drive! Thrilled with how well they

turned out so bring this “A game” to your wedding and it’ll be just as dreamy. 🙂 Heart, Melanie.

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