The Pace Circus on the Beach!

These two monkeys! They’re 2.5 and 1 part cute and 1 part rotten. I asked them to stand close and to put their arms around each other.

Somehow that translated to Ari to hold his brother face, maybe even his ear? Hams, I tell ya.

Nico-Pico-Rico is 5.5 and Mama NoJo is 7.5. It’s very odd to me to even type that. How are OUR kids THIS big??

Nico stopped needing direction years ago and does what he wants. <3 However, I love that Ezra can so sweetly stand there and pose!

They were watching the bigs play way too close to the water, NOT following my directions. ::eye roll::

Poor Nori was so annoyed with her hair whipping across her face into her eyes! It was super windy!

The second they got near the beach, their curls became wet with the moisture in the air.

Our cute circus!

Get. It. Ezra.

My pretty baby! <3

While her eyes were closed, he snuck up and put his head to hers. It was so sweet.

Literally, always someone crying for me to hold them.

Adam was trying to meter the light and set up a frame for Carly to come out and shoot a couple family pics for us to prevent setting up a tripod.

(One day we will have a real family session. One day. :-O I swear!) Nori was standing there so I pulled her I tight. So glad I did, I love these.

I feel so bad that all 3 portrait sessions I did on the beach had this warm perfect light. Then on the day of the Cowell wedding…it’s gone. UGH.

I’m aware the waves are totally in focus and we are blurry, but I love mine and Adam’s honest laughter. So as our friend Bobbi would say, “turn it BW

and call it art.” HA!

Good work, Carly! Everyone is smiling!

We are celebrating our 10yr anni in a couple months cruising the Caribbean. Holllerrrr! Preeeetty excited for the break. Thank God for Nonni

and Poppi and their love for our children!!

I only took out a 2g memory card because I didn’t plan on shooting much and I had to keep deleting images so Carly could keep shooting. Total

fail on my part. Anywho, we were walking inside and 1 frame was left. Adam asked me to stop and pose. Had it been a typical day in my life

I would have said, Heelllllll to the NAH. But, we had just gotten done doing a Whole 60 day cleanse, Carly made my hair and make up look good

and so I felt a surge of confidence I hadn’t felt in years. Also. This sounds a bit whack but ever since losing Ali, I always think about the image

that families will use at their funeral. Yes, I said that. After having to help pick out my sisters, it’s something I think of every session with

older people involved. Will they use their senior pic from 50yrs ago?? Crop someone out? I don’t know, but let me take a pro pic of you! I sound so

cray. HA! But whatever. I  felt good and I thought, when I die one day, they’ll have a image to use besides the terrible senior studio

portrait of me. Welcome to my brain, people. 😀

Thanks for coming out and helping capture our family, Carly! It’s nice to have shots with everyone in them! I’m working on compiling all the other

candid shots from the trip to blog. 🙂 Have a great weekend! Speaking of Ali, her annual legacy picnic is Sunday at Fernbank park on the Ohio River

from 12-4. Come join and help us donate all the books to libraries in need! Heart, Melanie.


  • JennyBZ - Get OUTTAAAAAA here w your perfectly beautiful children and your super hot nod and fab hair and hot husband. You guys belong in magazines!!! It’s so not fair!! Those images of you and nori are so stunning. The images of you and Adam are perfect, the family pics are so great. I seriously cannot gush enough. I do not have enough discipline for the whole 60 (or whole 30 or even whole 15 for that matter) but clearly I need to step it up. You really have the most beautiful family ever. How is nori so grown and gorgeous?!
    Also-I think the exact same thing about funeral photos. I was just thinking of that on our beach trip last week actually.

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