Topsail 2017.

The first morning all 17 of us were up, fed, dressed and ready before 7. Well, actually every morning and that included a pretty involved

breakfast. HAHA. Vacation is so relaxinnnng! They sprint down the steps and ran to the ocean like it was Christmas morning!

I’ve never seen beaches striped with sand. Dark and  light sand all over. Even when we dug deep, the colors rotated like a sand art bottle. When

the tide was high, we were forced into the thickest part of black sand. Stained our suits and sticked like glue to the kids. ::eye roll::

Face down tantrum in said black sand!! The 4 babies were always so tired and off schedule all week. Lots of whining which was just so enjoyable

for the whole house. :-0 But this particular tantrum was silent which made it more funny.

Mermans and mermaids by Mac. (The rest of the wedding guest stayed a mile away so they’d walk down randomly.)

Aunt Britt filled up 34million buckets of water for the kids over the week.

They all spent time constructing and perfecting this pyramid the DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING…that was basically just left

of the aisle. Lolol. The ocean destroyed some but they had to flatten the rest pre wedding!

The boys always ask for “pony tails and man buns” and they picked out their pink glasses and shirts. Pretty little ladies. 😉

We went on a crab walk and chased them all back into their holes!

“Nori” means “seaweed” so the kids always enjoyed pointing it out. Nori refused to pose with the Nori because she thought it was gross.

Because apparently 8 yr old boys think eating tiny live fish is cool? Not sure, but Jude proudly ate quite a few. Bleck.

They buried Adam’s feet and watched him sink until he couldn’t handle the pain anymore.

He complained about his raw, over exfoliated heels for a few days. HA!

Sunscreen mask. Sand. Blonde afro. Beach trifecta!

Of course they posed themselves…

Lots of kids in one house and even though it was very rare to have silence or no one whining or crying, it was still very enjoyable!

They all entertained each other which was great! And having Britt and Carly as sister wives was soooo nice!

So many great memories stored in the bank. Until next time! Heart, Melanie.

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