The Zinks.

Jenny and I started as social media friends yeeeears ago. Then when I’d work in Columbus, we would try in sneak in breakfast visits!

Eventually I was on my way to shoot the birth of a baby Jenny never thought she would have! Said baby is now nearly a year and

a half and the sweetest!

Savannah was a “tough cookie” as Jenny says BUT really she was great. No fuss at all, she just took a minute to warm up to me!

Pretty girlies.

Where’d Daddy go?

I mean, how gorgeous are both of you!?

I only got a few shots of her by herself because Jenny is a photographer and fully capable of doing that on her own.

My focus was the 3 of them together!

That little smile!

I was in search of color at the park. I found some areas of yellow wild flowers and may or may not have made them a little nook to get

cozy it. Don’t worry, I fluffed it back up, good as new, when we were done. :0

Savvy’s eyebrows make her smile even better!

Oh yes, then there’s this news:

I wrote this blog a week in advance because I will be out of the country without internet soooo I gave her these pics and told

her to announce before my post. She said she may or may not just leave it up to me. SO if you haven’t heard, JENNY IS

HAVING ANOTHER BABY! I’d like to say, I talked her into one baby then convinced her Savvy needed a sibling. But amiright?? HA!

Hot dog, you’re gorgeous!!!

I can’t wait to hear what kind of sibling there will be and even better, shoot the arrival in early winter again! Woot Woot!! Congrats! XOXO.

Heart, Melanie.

  • brittany - I love following her on Instagram. That little girl is too cute!

  • Maryann Barnes - Such beautiful pics of you three! So much love love! My little Savvy is the sweetest and cutest little one!

  • JennyBZ - I am OBSESSED with these. I cannot stop coming to this page to just stare at them. Thank you for capturing our little family!! I can’t wait to put these all over!! Love you!!

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