The Dyes.

This sweet little baby face was only 6 days old when I met him!  Henry was alert and looking around like he was 3 months old!

How bout this hot mama! Danielle, motherhood looks wonderful on you!

Stop it with that cute face! He was loving the shushing in his ear!

Cactus themed nursery!

He was fussy because, you know, that’s what babies do…so I swaddled him up real tight, held him close and shushed him

secretly getting my baby fix. He loved it and went right to sleep, well, until I moved him again a few minutes later! :0

His fingers and toes were so long, but look at his long nail beds! Such pretty hands!

Danielle and Tom joked that this grimace was his baseline. Hahaha. First of all, thats only something that two Doctor parents

would say, and second, it was so true! He furrowed the whole time!!

 I wanted to catch this moment because a few yrs down that road you’ll see this and remember how tiny that head was in your

hand plus his silky hair and how rubbing his head was your go to soothing move. I loved that. And so did he!

Congrats y’all! I loved talking natural births with you! Have so much fun showing him off through the holidays! Heart, Melanie.

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