Mr. & Mrs. Cooper!

Walked into this beautiful scene happening!

After we took the bridesmaids to the church, we circled back for these three. They were so excited and anxious to get down the aisle!

Special traditions with grandpa.

At the consult, they told me Brendan was a crier. I looked at this big guy in front of me, laughed and said, I dont believe you. Then the wedding day came and I watched this same burly guy walked down off the alter behind me, ALREADY sobbing!!! I said to myself, welp. They certainly didnt exaggerate! He had to step behind his family to block his view just before they opened the doors to Bridget to gain composure. Gave him self a pep talk and stepped back into his spot. Onnnnly to resume those teddy bear tears! It was the sweetest. Absolutely the best reaction to walk down to, knowing you chose the guy who is moved SO much by your presence, that he’s definitely your forever! <3

All week it forecasted 100% rain for their day. Not much changed that morning and on the way there, the radar was dark green for the entire future! GAH! It rained the whole morning and some of the ceremony and then like magic, it just stopped. For the entire 90ish minute break between events, we were able to take portraits WITHOUT umbrellas! It spit for a few minutes but shoot, no problem!!

About 100yrds away from where the limo dropped us, I could see this fully bloomed magnolia peaking out. It was way too much effort to reload so we wandered down. So worth it!

YESSS. To the bridesmaids who were laughing at me camouflaging myself, this was why! 😀

So pretty Bridget! And so thankful the wind blew just enough to move your veil like you wanted!

I love this shot Adam got of Brandon doing what evvvvery guy does the rest of the evening post ceremony. Fidget. Fidget. Whats this thing on my finger?

What good little brudders.

Also, guess who else cried like a baby that day? BOTH little brothers. My gosh! He couldn’t even speak and if you were close enough to the head table to see the other brother!! He couldn’t wipe his tears fast enough, which meant the rest of us couldn’t either! What sensitive men in your life, Bridget and Pam! <3

This reception was lit! (As you cool kids say 😉 ) Normally its like pulling teeth to get grooms on the floor before we leave, sometimes the bride too. Not them!

As you’ve seen, Brendan’s people are African. Most of his family wore their traditional Liberian garments, which naturally I was obsessed with the color it brought with them! And those accents! I could listen all day. Don’t even get me started on the goosebumps we all had in church listening to their choir!! One of his aunts announced they were doing an African dance, that was a lot like a Congo line but way more fun. The rules were that you had to do whatever the person in front of you did.

Susan, Tiffany, Adam and I were so freaking pumped for it all. Just wanting to mooove with the music and have so much fun too, we all were having a ball following the parade coming at us.

This right here, though. THIS was the best part of the whole night. I shared a video on my instagram of Mr. Kent wiggling his way through the African dance, just feeling it so deep in his bones that nothing could stop him. He warned us in his speech that we could be kicked by his size 11 shoes if we didn’t keep our distance on the dance floor because he loses control and the music takes over. And sure did it.  His energy and spirit on the dance floor made everyone smile so big. The best.

Thanks so much for the fantastic party y’all threw! I had no idea what we signed up for but please sign me up for all of them in the future!! You guys rocked! Congrats on meshing together two wonderful and loving families. What a blessing! Heart, Melanie & Adam.

  • Bernadette Cooper - Beautiful!!!!!

  • Lisa Harpenau - Bridget and Brendan you make such a wonderful pair. Wishing you all the best for a long and fruitful marriage. Your wedding was as beautiful as you two. Thanks for sharing all your photos and making me feel apart of your journey God Bless You Both. ♥️Lisa Harpenau

  • Pam Kent - Wow I could look at these pictures for hours!! It just leaves me with a huge smile on my face!! Job well done Melanie, Adam and Susan!!

  • Terry Kent - An excellent job capturing the moments we will never forget!

  • Venus Perry - The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for letting us be part of your special day.

  • Agatha Cooper - What a fantastic job. Thanks for the photos. Very nice. Thanks for capturing these special moments. Thanks for being there.

  • Pandora Morgan - It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding. Hat off to the newly wed.

  • Julie - You guys couldn’t have had a better day! These photos captured so much love and happiness. Congratulations to all!

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