The Wieses.

Loooooook at this darling face!! It’s no surprise that sweet Mabel is as beautiful as her mother!

Can you even stand it? Ruffle butt! Ruffle sleeves!

She couldn’t stop looking at me. She was excited to see a new face! 😀 I wasn’t mad about it.

I’ve been waiting forever to see you fill these roles as a parents. I knew you’d be good at it. Such joy it brings those who

love you guys, to see you so happy as a family. <3

Big girl!

There was a rando walking by who decided she wanted to help me make Mabel laugh. Instead, the baby had no interest in her

but it sure made Lauren and Brandon laugh out of awkwardness! Bahaha.

Hopefully she will be as good for us at her one year session! Mabel is darling and it was great to hang out with you guys!

Heart, Melanie

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