The Jacksons.

Henry has a little sister!! Man, I hope Josie grows to be as pretty as mama!

This was my first time in their new house so I wanted to get all the views! 🙂

So much hair! Not a bad thing for a hair stylist to birth! 😉

Took the bigger monkey up to his room to play for a bit.

Can you hear the maniacal laugh, or is just me?

Poor Lola followed us around everywhere desperately seeking any attention she can get. Every pet is doomed the second a

baby arrives then it’s just downhill from there. :0

Love this happiness!


Holly said, the bigger the bows the better! Kevin said, but its bigger than her head!!! Which he’s not wrong but the

whole conversation had me cracking up. Kevin, choose your battles because you ain’t winning this one anytime soon!

Looks like we spent some time basking in the sun at the beach! 🙂

Henry’s eyelashes are crazy thick and long. It’s really quite difficult to get a good angle of them to really understand how

amazing they are, especially when the 2yr old subject can’t stop wiggling in order to focus.

“I just want to get your eyes, real quick buddy, just try to sit still.” So crazy eyes, then? Cool, thanks bud. Bahaha.

Finding out the baby was a “Josie” had me SO excited. Brothers are cool for sure, but its also super cool you’ll get to experience raising

both sexes now! I have a feeling this PYT will rock your world. Can’t wait to watch her grow! Heart, Melanie.

  • Bonnie jackson - You have captured the essence of my grandchildren and great- grands. They are so warm and lovable. And extremely happy. Couldn’t ask for more.

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