The Broghamers.

When you tell a one year old to smell the flowers and they choose to lick them instead. Bahaha.

Anna was telling us a very dramatic story.

Kristi’s sister and her son came along and hopped in some.

Oh, by the way. Anna and Kristi are wearing clothes sewn BY mama! A perfect little mommy and me set!

“Look for the bare necessities. The simple bare necessities, forget about your worries and your strife…”


“Hold me, mama!”

“But mamaaaaaa!!!”


She’s holding my bracelets so proudly because I kept trying to get her to crawl to me via a bracelet bribe. “GOT ITTTT!”

The little ruffle wings accents are PERFECT.

That little Anna is going to grow to be beautiful like mama! Nice to meet you. Hope you love them! Also, I’ve had a few people ask if you sell the Mommy and me sets…something to consider on the side! ::heart eyes::

Heart, Melanie.

  • Patricia Broghamer - Thes are precious photos. Where were you with all the beautiful flowers? The Mommy & Me Matching outfits is such a great idea. You did a good job on the clothing. Kevin I have photos of you at this age with Amy. I see Kevin’s smile in Annas expressions. I love the photo of your sister hugging Dominic. Very Cool! ❤️ We love you all. Pat & Lou

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