The Days.

The most pretty and delicious butterball turned 1! I’m utterly infatuated with sweet Lillian.

Let us note: It was misting or pouring down rain 90% of this session. They came to town for this and dag-nammit, we were going to make it

work! Since they still looked amazing, we just kept going.

I was trying to get them both to look at me but Lil kept leaning in for some ugga-muggas. <3

I can’t.

Pierson is quiet and was completely unsure of my jokes. I’ve photographed him many times but now he’s old enough to actually

get me and I’m certain he thinks I belong in the looney bin.

For when she grows tall and thin like her mom and nobody believed she had thighs for days. NOMNOMNOM.

In the midst of changing her for her smash cake, you better believe I demanded they put down that naked baby right that instant.

YOU GUYS Kristin’s milk did this fine work! GO. MAMA!!!

Drunk off the deliciousness of chocolate. I know, baby girl, I know. Also that perfect circle of a curl!

I love you guys. Hope you found a home and get to move back to Cincy soon!  Heart, Mel.

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