The Darrahs.

Does it ever get old, me using the phrase…these kids are the cutest? Cause they are.

Stop it with this faaaace!!

Pause for snugs!

Jack lit up when Nathan wanted to play with him. He felt supa cool!

Jack toppled over and when we laughed at him, instantly it was a fun game. 🙂

When Carrie sat him back up, head back in laughter…then repeat. YES.

Hi perfect family! All of you are models.

I was helping Ben and Carrie getting his cake ready and changing Jack. I turned around to see Nathan blowing dandelions in the cutest way!

That shot on the right. I love it. Gentle touch of each other’s hands and lips to head. It’s perfect because we all know, not often are

brothers so sweet when touching each other. ::eye roll::

I laughed at him, “Ummm, you’re doing it wrong, buddy!!” and he giggled and proudly clapped. 🙂

What a smooth and fun evening! You guys were so easy! Thanks for having me! Heart, Melanie.

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