The Meades.

Everett is nearly 2 months old! Little buddy acted better than a one weeker, so calm and sleepy the whole time!

Their house is so stinkin cute, I just wanted to capture all of it for them!

He opened his eyes long enough to chug it down some milks and then promptly fell asleep instead of burping.

He was giving a away the sleep smiles!

This sweet boy, though!

The drunk smile! I love him.

Nevermind the baby! Look at this gorgeous face!

They’d been sitting the whole time and it wasn’t until the left frame that I realized, woah, we have quite a big difference in height happening here!! HA!

You all were very kind and welcoming! Hopefully your lives will continue to go as smooth as that 90 min went that day.

Everett was o much easier than most newborns! Congrats again! Heart, Melanie.

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