The Goetzes.

It had rained all day and became hot and muggy but they were in from Michigan and gosh darnit, we were doing it. And!

It was successful with minimal tears! Winning!

Desi seemed to be just what these Goetz sibs were missing. She’s adorbs!

This one is not so shy.

So fun!…But bugs, mama!!

Joseph mentioned a bug on my camera and popped in my frame to show Desi. “See!” He said, excitedly. Except, the fear was real with this one. Bahaha!

LOVE both of you in this!!

“You look so sweet and innocent, don’t move.”

She moved, then the devil came out in her true personality. :0

Even though everyone was so done. I just needed to get that falling sun. I told John it would so be worth it and…

Hell ya, it was!!

Always good to see you in person! Sessions always get harder with an additional kid, except in your case, it seemed much more fun!

I hope you’d agree! This whole post made me smile so much!!

Heart, Melanie.

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