The Redmonds.

Three sisters. <3 I coached Kelsey (right) yrs ago and because she was the youngest, her sisters never came to games. I really

never knew they existed till this day! Ha!

The Redmonds wanted updated family photos, but it was really just this then, “pass the baby around.” 🙂

Stone faced even with all the singing and dancing behind me! :-/ I mean, we sang all the songs and none were good enough! HA!

You guys. Bahahah.

When Grandma is way to young looking and fit to be called a Grandma!

30yrs strong. <3 Happy Anniversary, guys!

I remember when our first niece was born. Everyone couldn’t get enough of her. One day Harper will laugh at these photos like,

“ya, I had a whole photo session basically revolved around me.” And all the cousins will roll their eyes. Bahaha.

What a blessed guy!

Harper was a typical 1yo and couldn’t decide if she wanted to be picked up or put down. Kathy was trying everything to distract her,

including getting soaked by a fountain. :0

It’s clear where the girls get their beautiful looks. The ones with dad were cute and all, but I love these with Mama!

Thanks for having me! Just think down the road when y’all expand further, how much harder it’ll be to entertain tons of kids! :-0 Good to see you!

Heart, Melanie.

  • Becky Schneider - These are ALL SO GREAT! I heard about this photo shoot around the time of Redmond’s 30th anniversary- but I had no idea they would turn out so well- so many shots! Beautiful!

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