The Wagenlanders.

Isla became a big sister to baby vera! I love this image. So much unspoken communication and love happening between Ellen and both her girls.

Matty was doing a great job entertaining Isla while Ellen soothed/fed the babe!

I took this exact shot of Isla! (If you look closely in shot above, it’s framed on shelf. 🙂 ) I waited patiently for vera to give up that same pretty

little smirk that Isla gave me two yrs ago!

Also, this was Isla’s actual second birthday! How fun!

She was carrying around that black speaker and dancing to the songs Matty was turning on. Adorable.

This was going super well, clearly. Bahaha. LIFE happening. I love it. ::shrugs::

They’re stinking cute but I can’t help but imagine how cute it’ll be when they can actually play together inside!

You two are just so pretty!!

So helpful!

Matty, you’re so blessed to be surrounding by these perfect girls!! I’m loving watching you all grow. Congrats again! Fun times ahead!! Heart, Melanie

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