The Martinis.

Two little gingers sittin in a field…

Gal pals for cousins.

What a nice gift for Grandma’s bday to get everyone together!

The OG Martinis. <3

So blessed!

These two were so easy to make giggle. <3

Happy to see all these smiles! It’s not easy getting so many kids to cooperate!

Seriously, so beautiful.

The ladies wanted a shot of just them so they perfectly came together for great pic…

And then like typical guys, they stepped up uncomfortably. I told them to relax and not be so awkward…ummmm…Bahaha. Ok then.

HAHA. Not exactly what I was thinking but it’s hilarious and uhhh somethin! :-0

He picked her up and asked for the shot on the right, then told me they were newlyweds!

Kelly wanted her Violet in front of some Violet flowers. 🙂

Thanks for having me, Martini gang! Happy belated to Grandma! Hope you love them! Heart, Melanie.

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