The Myers.

Mark is living the dream, now with two boys to torture raise in whatever ways he feels fit. If you know Mark, then you really can’t be sure what

he will have them doing next, often including banging on drums. Katie, God be with you. You deserve all the thoughts and prayers. Hahahah.

But for reals, y’alls in troooouble!!

When the light catches those blue eyes just right!! And good call on the blue shirt!

This tiny little bird! It’s been a minute since I’ve shot such a little one! Eeeek! So sweet!

Always have to get the presh little feet shot because sooner than later, they’re big and stinky. :0

Your handsome boys, Kate! <3

Jack stealing Henry’s crib with a rotten grin!

You guys are so darn pretty!

I’m thrilled things are going well! So long to your sanity and quiet forever! Congrats. Heart, Melanie.

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