The Kimutises.

Had some fun with the crazies at the park!

We had to reschedule a few times because of weather but super happy we ended up with a great evening and the flowers!!! YES.

Bailey didn’t hold back for me. 🙂

Pretty girls!!

Lucy Drew!

This is so sweet!

We decided to ditch the fussy baby because the background was too pretty to pass up.

Because at this point, you just embrace the circus life.

Nope, no thanks ma, not wearin it.

She’s like, what you say? We’re all done!? YAAAAY!


The bribe the whole night was the fountains…

Then Brian says, “What’s that? We’re done?? YAAAAY!!” Bahaha. Also, you’re hotties.

This season of life is exhausting, isn’t it??  But like I always say, there are still sweet moments to be found. 🙂 Glad we finally made it happen!

Happy birthday Lucy! Heart, Melanie.

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