The Farnhams.

Gwenny girl turned two! So by popular demand, like all dads, Andrew requested a photo session! 🙂

As you’ll notice in the frame above, her sad bff was locked inside so we freed her.

What’s funny is that Gwen wasn’t mimicking Nala intentionally, she just hit the age of over active tongue. 😀

I love this, guys!!

Hey, whaddya doin in there?

I love that she looks like Kara’s ventriloquist’s dummy. HA!

Those baby fine whisps!

Such pretty girls!

When Mom can’t stop admiring her sweet girl laughing. <3

Happy berfday, Gwen! Always a pleasure hanging out with y’all! Heart, Melanie

  • Karen Siemer - Until my granddaughter comes, she is always my favorite. Every I look see what’s she’s up to. Perfect pictures Mel

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