Mr. & Mrs. Bacon!

I don’t normally start with a portrait but in full transparency, I knew this shot would be a bit of clickbait for the rest of this gorgeous wedding!

Because bacon.

Abriiiiiiiii. I mean, who was actually shocked at how stunning she looked on her wedding day? Anyone? Nope. Didn’t think so.

The floor was super slick and Justin was walking around dressed like this so naturally, he’s going to pull some Tom Cruise action.

Both of Abri’s parents struggled real hard to not be crying at all moments. 🙂 The sweetest.

Not just these 3 sibs, but I swear that anyone related to the bride and groom had these same ice blue eyes! Gorgeous!

They laugh. A lot.

When you let the groom art direct his own portraits. Bahaha. But bruh, why you look so sad?

His vows referenced her bringing him more joy than a PBJ. HAHA!!

He was so thrilled about these “reverse suspenders” he bought for everyone…and then the dang things kept snapping off!

No one could stop laughing about the situation. Was keeping your shirt tucked in this worth it? I dunno, man.

It was a beautiful 93′ day with a ceremony in direct sun. :-0 But whatever! Look how pretty!

Collecting the petals the flowergirl dropped. 🙂

The only groom I’ve seen in hundreds of weddings STICK HIS TONGUE in the bride’s ring to lube it up to slide on her finger. Can’t. Handle. Him.

We waited to use the field since we knew the light would be SO yummy post ceremony. Yep. It was.

I jumped with a little scream as I thought a bug was crawling around under my dress. Then I looked down to see that 4 or 5

of these tall weeds were fully up my dress and well, you get the visual.


So many bugs were everywhere. So much sweat dripping down all parts of our bodies. But 1000% worth it.

In Abri’s senior pics, we used a white fence too. Little bit of a surreal moment for me that she’s so grown up. And at that time, 7 yrs ago,

I felt like she was too old already! Time, UGH! ::eye roll::

I was so focused on placing the sun where I wanted as they quickly danced around, that I didn’t even realized I was getting a rainbow flare. YES.

I don’t even really know this backstory but we enjoyed the animal cameos.

Ohhhhhh! I wanna dance with somebody!!

WHAT A FUN DAY!!! I fully expected to get lost in portrait time but you guys KILLED it! To all the other readers, sorry! I narrowed it down as

much as I  could! I just love too many images! Thanks for having us! You rock! Heart, Mel & Adam.

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