The Cornettes.

The first time I shot this crew a handful of years ago, we went to Findlay. Since they drive down from Columbus, we thought it

would be fun to go back considering they haven’t been there since.

Heather planned her color scheme accordingly.

This. HAHA. On the left, Lairan is all, “here dear child, rest your head on my bosom.” On the right, “dangit, little sister,


Kellan said, “How about this? Will this be a good picture?” 🙂

Maybe you’re familiar with The Game of Thrones? Know the whitetwalkers? Ya, I think Heather is one. :0 I texted her a side by

side image with her and one because I’m now forever concerned she’s reading my soul with those eyes.

And y”all know I don’t enhance eyes!

Cora being Cora.

Can’t even deal.

Can’t have a family session without someone pouting. It just happens. Usually there’s a rotation of who is sad at what time.

It is what it is. Buuuuut she’s still pretty. 🙂 I also posted this because every time Heather will talk about how “awful” her kids

were and how I’m a magician. So just some proof that she’s not being dramatic. Ha!

Kellan tagged himself out so I was being silly with these girls and whaddya know, it turned into tandem flossing! HA!

It’s funny how these kids have perfected their camera face. I spend most sessions getting kids to laugh but for them, I’m hardly ever asking them to smile because their angelic faces get me every time!

As we were finishing up and walking to our cars, this hard orange sun came out of nowhere! I was all, WAIT! Hurry!

Come here before the sun drops behind the buildings!!


Kellan was the perfect height! And his carmel skiiiiin!!

And just because…I decided to add one side by side. My GAWWWD. Can you even another 5yrs from now???

Love your faces and your hearts. I even love you when you’re being little butts since I can laugh at it because it’s yo mama’s problem,

not mine! Bahaha. Keep doing you, Heather. You’re doing fantastic!! Heart, Melaine

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