The Welches.

This big girl just turned one! Happy birthday to Charlotte!

And she’s going to be a big sister next month!

Caroline wasn’t ready for Kate’s (face) embrace!

They’re missing their brothers who are out of town!

Dad was asking for a kiss, but I loved this moment just before with the same expression and profiles!

It cracked me up that the baby was totally interested in me but the 2yo was all, “ya, no thanks.”

Who spots the anomaly? AhemmmCorey in ginger nation.

Freshly 2, fitting right into the 2yo stereotype. God love her! It’ll be easier…once she’s out of college. :0

Charlotte went through a lot in the beginning of her little life with 3mths in the NICU, so it’s so great to see her so strong and

acting like a regular 1yo big girl!

At this point, it was jus a matter of getting the 3 babies to stay in one place. Hurry! Crowd around them before they realize they’re cooperating! HA!

It’s pretty clear where the girls get their looks from! Beautiful, Lynn!

Kate was promised the fountains!

Slightly unsure…

Good work on beating the heat, team! Good to see you all! Heart, Melanie.

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