The Owenses.

Yessssss. Bottle up this innocent joy, Amy and Dave, the brutal teenage years are just around the corner!! EEEEEK!

The most beautiful kids!

You guys are all gorgeous!!

Annie was thrilled to be the one tossed around. 🙂

Giggles, giggles, so many giggles.

Wowzas. Good luck in 5 yrs, y’all.

I love the closed eye laugh. Her specialty.


While I was down shooting Nick, I looked up to see the two pretty girls being sweet and cuddly. <3 <3 “Don’t move!”

You are as stunning as your mama, Josie!

Glad you finally got around to doing this, guys! I was so easy, wasn’t it?? GREAT WORK! Heart, Melanie

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