The Proctors.

Nothing like bringing out your nice living room couch to your driveway to get an adorable portrait! Such an attractive family!

These two! Ari was a tough crowd but every now an then he’d give me the sweetest little smile!

When you have animals for children. As a mother of 3 boys, I mean that caption for both images! Ha!

I love both of these! That portrait on the left though!! So handsome!

Just needed to tickle the smile out of him!

Whenever I shoot (grand)parents, they often feel uncomfortable. I love these two reactions because clearly they still have so much fun together!

Just a pile of boys having fun! Love it!

“What? Smile like this?”

Those lipssss.

Per Grandma’s request for the very last shot…

Thanks for having me! You guys were wonderful! Nice to finally meet your babies, Mara and Greg! Heart, Melanie.

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