The Hudobas.

Christine and her brother were both in town visiting their folks and since mama is turning 75 soon, they wanted to gift her a session!

Their Bedlington Terrier, according them is “the 5th family member.” So obviously, he was included!

When I pulled up, I 100% thought Christina had a goat on a leash as her pet. Bahaha. They explained their English breed was to hunt

rodents in dark places so the hair is kept long in front to hide their glaring eyes from their prey. The poms on the ears and shaved tail

are just grooming techniques of the breed!

I love how happy this puppy made everyone!

It’s only fair that I make all the adults get headshots while I’m there. Love your big smile, brother!

Pretty girls! How lovely is it to know you’ll age incredibly graceful, Christine!!

Wild how he appears to have zero visibility but he does!

Decades of bliss!

He’s training to be a therapy dog just like the previous Bedlington they owned. They’ll spend hours upon hours touring hospitals helping the

chronically sick, Veterans, burn victims, you name it. Mrs. Hudoba has been doing it for years and I’m excited to know she’s continuing

with her next baby! So kind and generous of her time.

Nice to meet you all! Thank you for your hospitality and genuine conversation. It was such a pleasure! Heart, Melanie.

  • Linda Von Bargen - Great story & love the many family pictures. What a great birthday gift to both of you!
    Thanks for your gift of friendship over the years.

    Happy early Birthday to both of you.

    Love, Linda

  • Nancy Wolf - Any, we loved the pictures of all of you. What a wonderful gift from your kids. Lots of love there!
    Love, Ron and Nancy

  • Jeannette - What wonderful pictures, and what a wonderful birthday present! Amy, you have two kids who love you very much.
    Take care,

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