The Dierigs.

My goodness! Those faces! I just want to squeeze them too!!

Danielle was so worried Claire was going to be crazy. Nope, she was adorable and hilarious.

I asked Rob to go stand in this spot for a light check. As he turned to face me, Stella ran to him and Claire followed.

Then this happened. I meeeean….bahaahaha.

Look how gorgeous these faces are!

The way she’s resting her head on daddy!!! Oh my worrrrrd.

So much joy!

They’re seriously the perfect blend of you two!

Claire had no interest in sitting so she popped up and then she decided to do her own thing once we started laughing at her.

Shocker… nope, never. Every time I kick out the kids (because they don’t want in), and try to capture just the parents to give them a break, this happens. They want back in!! WHHHHHYYYY is that??? Kids 100% do the opposite of what you want. :-0

Perfect, Stella!

You guys were so easy! It was great to see you, it’s been so long! Glad things are going so well for you! Heart, Melanie.

  • Missy Courts - You have captured my family so perfectly! You always amaze me!
    Beautiful pictures! You have made their Nanny & their Grandma 2 very happy ladies!
    Thank you Melanie!

    Missy Courts

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