The Hugheses.

This is a three-peat Beautiful Beginnings family, but my first time shooting them with my Loft 3 cap on! My friend Kelly shot Jude’s birth, while

I captured the other two! Turns out there’s little differences between the sweating, yelling, and frustration from delivering a baby to a family session

in the park, just a different type of painful plus this time Erin was fully dressed! Bahaha.

These adorable smiles! Erin, you’re gorgeous!

We were all taking turns chasing Asher, which became a super fun game for him. HA!

Jude was so mad at me, but sorry dude, you’re still adorable with those pouty lips.

The pretty and peacefulness of mom as the sh*tstorm of parenting is happening around her. That’s our job isn’t it? Even though we want

to join in the screaming too, we have to stay calm and manage the beautiful chaos around us. ::Sigh:: You both have great patience!

The left kills me. This is life with three kids y’all. Gabby had just gotten a splinter and was trying to pull it together for a bribe and Asher

wanted to be held, immediately after wanting to be put down…because he’s one and one yr olds never have a clue what they actually want.

Erin had to leave for work, so I stayed with Mark and played with the kids to get some more relaxed shots.

Love this perfectlly imperfect shot of childhood.

So handsome, Jude!

The most squeezable little cheeks!

Sometimes family pics are as difficult and painful as keeping all the kids quiet for an hr church service! Then a couple years pass and

you’ve turned the corner to cooperating kids and it feels like a small miracle when no tears were even shed! Parenting is hard but not a

single one of us hasn’t been there and done that. It will get easier! I promise! 🙂 Like I always say, looking at these in 10 yrs, you’ll

forget all about the heat, splinters and 6yo attitude and only see the joy. I promise. You guys truly earned a gold medal for parenting!

Keep it up! Heart, Melanie.


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