The Ewings.

Look at all this cuteness!! I’m not even sure who was having more fun between kids, Alex or Beth! HA!

Bob made the cutest expressions!

Beth and I grew up together and now our kids are doing just the same at our Alma Mater! How fun!

I love this. I wish I knew what you said to Beth to make her fall into you with laughter!

Beth, you should wear this look all. the. time. Super hot for your curves.

It took me a long time to discern the diff between Pete and Michael because they look so much alike, especially their sizes. I’m glad I got it now!

I told Pete he was a little “squinty” and this was his response. 🙂

“Hahaha, lady! You so funny!” Thanks, Violet, I try. 🙂

Beth, you look exactly like I remember your mom looking when she was our age! Trippy!


Bob couldn’t keep up with us and Michael was over me but these two nuggets wanted to keep playing with me!


I’m so happy the session went well! I know it was warrrrm, but you guys did so great! Four kids is usually a challenge but I loved how easily they

responded to me. Hope you love them. See ya around! Heart, Melanie

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