Play Ball!

These cute kids flew in from Texas so Buzz could throw out the first pitch last night to Dale. It was also Jasper and Rebecca’s first Red’s game.

This big guy is about to be one!

We started the night with a parade on the field!

Meanwhile, Britt and Mia were up waiting for her turn to yell, “play ball!” to start the game!

Mascots are always more fun from a distance, yes?

Those are my Godparents!

This is what his childhood dreams were made of. Just maybe happened 25 yrs late and he wasn’t getting paid. :0

They did some practicing a couple days before and I think she was pretty pumped she caught it and didn’t have to work to do it! 😉

We hung out for a second until they quite literally kicked us off the field. But the Brewers were nice and gave us some bags of sunflower seeds as we

chilled at their dugout.

Jasper loved all the kids in his face.

Fun, sweaty night! What fun memories for all of us even though I’m not sure I saw a single play during the game! Thanks for organizing it all, Dale! Heart, Melanie

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