The Kerstings.

I met the big, but still growing, Kersting family at the grandparents house! We were hot, sweaty and some tears, but overall, if this one shot was the

only take away, I think Grandma would have been happy! Errybody in one place, looking and even mostly smiling! WIN!

Flying baaaaabbbby!

These three <3

All these boys!

Get em Daddy!!

Big girl!

All these dark haired beautiful kids!

And you thought your hands were full 30 yrs ago!!! HA!

The OG Kerstings.


It’s truly a toss up between which image I like more. :0

I should have posted the scene that was happening all around me with the tired and hot babies. I was yelling, they’re fine! It’s fine! Smile and pretend

you can’t see the train wreck in front of you. Bahaha.

When they’re laughing at my game so hard…

Whoopsies. 🙂

You’re one hot mama, Jess.

And then they drove off into the sunset on Papaws mower…while all the adults drank all the alcohol. 😉

Truly, you all did great. It was nice to meet those I didn’t know and good to see the rest again! What a beautiful family! Thanks for letting

me shoot the wonderful chaos that is the current state of our life as parents! Heart, Melanie.

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