The Blomes.

These two goofs just celebrated 25yrs and make it look so easy, as they’re always laughing.

Truly, the whole family was so comfortable and just having a good time! Well done!

A mutual friend described them as a real life Barbie and Ken family. HA! Legit. Must be hard being so gorgeous.

“Adam! Let me love youuu!”

The original plan was to do Molly’s senior pics, but I suggested she bring her whole family for a few since we were shooting only

a mile from their home! Plus, it gave me a chance to see the rest of them. 🙂 <3 Also, how great is it to know exactly what you’ll look like in

your 40s, Mol? And damn good, at that!

This girl though! She’s amazing. My bigs met Molly and Adam a few years ago at bible school they were leading and idolized them. Molly didn’t

have her license just yet but she began babysitting for us. They don’t see nearly enough of her with her busy schedule and now back in school,

but always beg for her to come over. I love that.

Stunning is an understatement, amiright??

The ring she’s wearing is passed down to the women in her family. I thought it was so sweet of her to think of that to wear!


The type of giant smile that lights up a room.

As time progressed, we were having more fun than being serious. Oops. But this is the real Molly!

Fun to play games with big kids too!

Did I mention Molly has done MMA for years? The whole family does, actually. Probs going to forever stay on their good side. :0

You keep being you, girl.

Troy and Debby, y’all are certainly doing something right over there. Both kids are so kind hearted, funny, intelligent, respectful

and all around great kids! I hope my circus is as great of teenagers as yours! Glad we got to do this, Molly! Looking forward

to you filling in around here coming up!! We miss your silliness! Heart, Melanie.

  • Chrissy Knabe - They are an awesome family!!! Both Molly and Adam are amazing kids, which makes sense coming from great parents!!

  • Amy Hafner - Love these and love the Blome family. Great parents and great kids. Always fun times when any of them are around. Love how you captured their personalities.

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