The Krekes.

Cooper wanted to chew on any and all the things. It was a race to get whatever into his mouth and laugh that he won before anyone could stop him.

Quite amusing watching him be so proud!

Dis is fun, guys!

If only stills had sound!

Rob would reset him for me, “Don’t move! Just stand here!” “Ok, so run away?”

You are all so adorable! Each of you are so pretty!

Treasures for Daddy.

The wind blowing on his face. <3 <3

There were a couple deers off to my right who just stood and watched us. Zero fear, even walked towards us. Cooper was having a conversation with them

and so interested, none of us could get his attention til the deer finally ran off. It was so sweet watching him so enamored and convinced he was chatting with them.

His super fine hair + wind + bokeh= feathers for hair.

“DONT EAT IT!!!” “So eat it, then?”

Still fighting to get a bracelet into his mouth before mom could stop him. Lil stinker!

So much personality in this little guy.

Handsome fellas.

Just the casual reach over and honk mom’s nose, you know how one yr olds do.

Glad we had a beautiful morning instead of another rainout. ::eye roll:: I mean, at least he’s still one for his first bday pics. :0 You guys are the cutest and

I love watching your love for Cooper. See you soon! Love you. Heart, Melanie

  • Cindy - Beautiful family…beautiful pictures!!

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