Mr & Mrs Bandy!

Starting this collection of a beautiful couple on their wedding day with one of my favorite images Adam has taken of a groom preparing.

The dramatic window light made it all just fade away in the background. YES.

Meanwhile, upstairs, the girls were enhancing their beauty!

Jess has known these gals since…forever? I’ve known 5 of them since late grade school, in other words, they’ve been in my life a couple

decades, Jessica’s for 30yrsssss! Dayum, y’all. That’s bizarre right there!!

Gifts for Mama.

Waiting in the garden for his gorgeous bride.

Dad was coming upstairs to see her, so we hung out by that ambient light.

I don’t know if Adam asked Greg to look towards Jess or he just couldn’t keep his eyes off her, but this was happening at the

same time and I love it!

This is so Leonard. She’s the hype girl. You need pumped up? Go find her. You need to feel good and happy? Seek her out. Always so

positive and a “hell yes” attitude. Probably why she’s a personal trainer and does triathlons/marathons/ironmans for funsies. SHE CRAY,

but we love her.

Do I even need to tell you my favorite part of this image? Probs the best duo of groomsmen in all group shots, ever. Get it, boys. I

hope your wives find this as heartwarming as I do. BAHAHA.

Let me tell you a story. Out of nowhere there was thunder during portraits at the Pinecroft. The itinerary stated we were supposed to

leave to go to the bridge that held special memories for Leonard and Greg. We got to the time we needed to leave and the radar wasss a RED.

As a group we decided not to go because we could get there and have to stay in bus and it was a waste of all the time we could have used while

it was dry. Then we took a bunch of solid shots so I was good with what we had and anything more was bonus so we decided to head to town

on way to church. The entire way there looked like we were driving away from the Twister movie set. It rained sideways. Then the

second we hit the city. SUN. SHINE. Basically what happened was it rained to the west of us while we stayed and shot, then switched

places with our locations in perfect swapsies time!!! So we got the bridge after all! They were thrilled!

Remember that time Cincinnati had a Ferris wheel? Me neither. That’s going to be very confusing to see 20yrs from now.

Melting. Both her guys looking at her with such adoration. This should make you feel like a million bucks, Jess! Even Jake peeking through!

Another funny story. That rain kept up during the ceremony but looooook what it brought with it! We were driving back to Pinecroft

and I got a few friends/guests texting me asking if I saw the rainbow. It was straight ahead of us and hard to see inside the blacked

out bus but we found it and you betta believe I had that bus pull over STAT. :0 Like, ‘Bro, Imma need you to put on your

flashers right now. Nope. Like, stop driving and pull this monster onto the shoulder before that rainbow disappears!” Thank you, kind sir.

As the wedding party waited for the reception, they overlooked cocktail hour. I had walked up to see what was happening and was

blinded by the perfect golden sun. Ran in the empty room next-door and moved all the furniture around then grabbed Jess by the

wrist and said, come with me. This elegant beauty! I think I mostly love this because Jess is like me in terms of girly…we just aren’t. :0

So I had the opportunity to make her look look like a princess for one moment in her life and what better day! But also note the light

wrap on those chiseled traps. 😉

Lined up to be announced in reception and I just couldn’t let that sun go to waste, y’all. Also, see how relaxed you are on suddenly?!

Siigh. Sweet mawwaige.

I mean, we were just standing there. How could I stop??? STUN.NING.

Greg said to me, “You should note that my bobble head somehow shakes “yes” and hers shakes “no.” HAHA

No place can ever have too many twinkle lights.

Both toasts were so on point.

Probs the most well thought out and delivered best man speech in history. The entire reception was laughing from start to finish.

Very, very, well done, Jake.

Jen, I think you may have had the most enthusiastic dancing that night. I was cracking up looking at the shots we got of you!

Basically my high school reunion.

She’s super type A and messaged me 905 times leading up to the wedding about all the things. Sparkler shots and logistics of it were

a topic of many convos. Glad it worked out well for you. 😉

The Bandys! You did it! <3

Well I know you tightened up your budget to use us and I’m so glad you did! I hope these were all that you were hoping for! There’s

about 1000 more to sift through in a couple months!! The day was magical. Congrats you love birds, you deserve the world!

Heart, Melanie and Adam.

  • Eric leonard - I made such a pretty daughter

  • Donna Wolff - Great pictures Jess. Glad you had a perfect day even with the rain. Love the rainbow shot

  • Debby Sparks - Looks like a beautiful day for a beautiful couple! Those raindrops were God’s blessings being showered down on the newlyweds! May they always be blessed! The bride’s optimistic enthusiasm was surely captured in these pics!

  • Mindy - What awesome pictures!! They truly captured Jessica and Greg’s love for each other on their very special day.
    Jessica you are always beautiful but on your wedding day you were beaming. Your Father and I are so happy for You and Greg.

    Melanie and Adam Thank You!

  • stephanie simpson - congrats you two.

    awesome pictures

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