The Aulls.

When Grandma says, “gimme all da babies!” She means it!

Heyoooo! It’s my gorgeous friend’s family! We added all Carly’s family this year!

It’s clear where everyone gets their good looks, right Charlie? 😉

I mean…

Happy I got these two to warm up by the end!

Carly says Elsie is her goofy one and Holland is her ornery one. Pretty fitting here!


You guys look great! Look at your people, Kath!!


I don’t even know what to say about this but laugh! :-*

So pretty!

It went from 50% rain to blinding sun!

Maybe they’re related, I dunno. They weren’t even near each other when they both did this. HA!

Carly’s proudest accomplishment in parenting is teaching them this skill.

This face!

Funny how the sun casts with certain lenses! Looks more like fall!

Jonathan was super bored and over it. I turned around to him on the bench like so, meanwhile Josie was all, can you take some more of me over here?

And naturally, I forced the grandparents to get their updated close up. Gorgeous!!!

Love all of you. Thanks for humoring me, fellas! Worth the pain of smiling, right?!! The answer is yes, it’s always yes. Heart, Melanie

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