The Scotts.

The Scotts added a another sweet faced little boy to their family! Sawyer was all smiles and curls!

Meanwhile, Nolan is just getting more handsome by the day.

WHAT!! These faces!!!

So happy and so cuddly!

The first time “hug Mommy’s leg” turned into become a koala on mom’s ankle. What a goof.

The toofers, the curls and eyes get me, but its the chin I’m really in love with.

<3 <3 <3

100% got Tyler’s brow control. Those are full on, cartoon brows. Ah-mazing.

Tyler speaks for every dad on family picture day. BAHAHAHAHAH.

Thanks for making the long hike into town so early! Always loving chatting it up with you but I mostly love torturing Tyler with

pics. :0 You guys are doing great with those boys!! Heart, Melanie.

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