Powerhouse Factories.

It’s been quite a few years since Ben asked me to come shoot his and Pat’s workspace, their second home. Lots of crust has developed,

so it was my job to come document the texture that lies deep in the crevices at 9th and Monmonth.

They’ve continuously printed in these aprons for over a decade. I.Love.That.

My work station is my kitchen table and my couch. ::eye roll::

Look at these handsome fellas!!

I remember when Pat got their logo tatted and I thought, sheesh, I REALLY hope this business doesn’t fail.

BAHAHA! So great work on being so successful!

We documented lots and lots of their old rock posters they’ve designed and printed.

They didn’t plan on being in the images but guys, I’m a portrait photographer. It’s kinda my thing.

Imma make you get in them. :0 Plus I love this cool entry partition they built.

One of their big projects, they had to build an entire custom transportable pop up shop for Aussie. This was a give away

they made for all the young “instagram influencers.”

This started as a joke and ended very very poorly. GAAAH!


Mixing station with paint on paint on paint.

This is perfectly them.

So many books they’re published in…

Ten years ago they moved into this space. We all helped paint. We hung posters. We partied. We did all the fun things. Man,

so much has happened in the last decade. SO MUCH. Gaggles of births. Deaths. Major business shifts. Big accounts. But

everything about this partnership has stayed grounded. I admire that. Can’t wait to see what the next ten years holds!!

Here’s the website if you wanted to hang some rock posters around your house. 🙂 Love you guys. Heart, Melanie.

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