The Lawsons.

It’s been a couple year since I’ve seen these lovely humans! It was fun to meet the new little bro, Lukey!

My favorite part about Zach and Taryn is that they just have such joyous energy. Parenthood is exhausting and yet they never

felt defeated when the kids weren’t being perfect. Just redirected, laughed and played with them until they gave in and smiled!

I gotta stick!

Luke is a Mama’s boy, can you tell? <3

That wild hair of childhood!

Both kids have the cutest little apple cheeks!

Those blue eyes!

Even though the kids were miserably cold, these images tell a different story! Loved watching you two parent. Great work and

keep up that amazing patience. Happy Holidays! Ahh God, the holidays are coming already!!!!

Heart, Melanie

  • Taryn Lawson - You always find a way to bring out their personalities and make us look good. Thanks for everything, Mel

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