The Bakers.

After a cold rainy day, we were blessed with a sunny wonderful evening!

How adorable is this?!?! LOVE IT.

Grandkids range from high school senior to a 1!

I grew up with Kurt and I can’t say that I ever pictured him with 5 kids! But I sure did love seeing him be a (patient) daddy!

OG Bakers. Such great smiles!!!

I love grandparent pictures. If they only knew 40 odd years ago, the love that would eventually surround them!!

Little miss in front was feisty and it was a game to get her to stop moving before the sun goes down! HA!

Notice the family posed nicely in back as she wandered around. BAHAH. It’s like she came up to me saying, “YOU LISTEN. Imma do what I want, lady!”

I bet Jill feels safe at night with all those guys around!!

He caught her to bring her back, she thanked him with a long wet toot on his arm. He was fully unprepared for that. :0

Toothless smiles are the best. I don’t know how all people don’t love them!!

Love genuine smiles!!

Aria thoroughly enjoyed her 2min in the spotlight. What a doll face!

You guys haven’t aged in 25yrs! You’re exactly as I remember you when we were in grade school.

So thankful the weather cooperated the second go around! Loved capturing all that good stuff of a big beautiful family! Thanks for having me!

Heart, Melanie

  • Lisa Legters - I am a friend of this special family. These are beautiful pictures. I looked at ALL of them. So many terrific shots. What fun it must have been.

  • Connie Ross Motz - These are such precious pictures. I love this big, gorgeous family! They are so generous with their love and resources, and so welcoming of others to join in the fun of their clan. Hugs and kisses to each of you!

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