The Flicks.

Amanda says, “I’m boring, lets just do it at our house again…” They have the cutest big old house and great setting, that even after years,

it’s still fun at the same location! Though we did venture into “the big city” for a few minutes at the end. 🙂

The kids recently got their own big kid rooms and they were pumped to show me.

They both have their “things” that they love dearly. Loving lil babies, you have, Amanda and Craig!

All I think of here is Gulliver’s Travels. Ha!!


Met the newest family members! I believe they’re names are Martha and George, because why wouldn’t they be named after historical figures?

Those Flicks and their love of the previous centuries!

We borrowed a truck but didn’t get the keys because they didn’t expect to move it from driveway, but of course I wanted to move it to

better light. The 3 of us pushed/steered it and some laughs were definitely had. :0

I really am happy that LouLou finally loves life as much as her brother!

You’re so adorable!

Little miss turned 3 yesterday! HBD LOU!


You guys are perfect.

They truly love their little village.

Dancing lessons with the experienced big bro.

The sun was pouring in so hard as I stood in the street and dodged cars, I couldn’t just walk away!

The kids are truly becoming more and more miniature versions of mom and dad. I couldn’t love that more!! Hope the bday

celebrations were fun! Great to see you guys! Heart, Melanie.

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