The McAlisters.

Let’s play, squish the little brother!!

These handsome fellas!!

Gimme all the rainbow leaves!

They’ve been hosting Francisco from Italy!

The last time I shot them, they were a bunch of boys. Now I feel like I need to say, Chrissy and her men!

Omg. I asked Zach, the youngest, to say something funny. The last thing I EVER expected to come out of his mouth…did,

and literally everyone was rolling. I’d share, but I have a lot of conservatives read this blog and well, I don’t want to offend

anyone. HAHA!


Boy band, whaaaat?!

That shot on the left!! They’re gorgeous, Chrissy!! Also, hot mom alert!

Throughout the session, I also focused on Will, since he’s a senior. It was cold and misting the whole day. However, it was

supposed to stop just before we started shooting so we kept the plans! When we pulled up, even with a clear radar, it was

still misting. He didn’t even want to get out of the car, he was so stressed about his hair! I couldn’t stop laughing at him!!

Well guess what Will, you still look amazing. One day you’ll look back at these and be like, I don’t even care how bad my

hair looks, I just want to have hair again, period!!! 😉 *First world probs*

Love that smile!

Love this.

I could have shot 100 frames of him messing with his hair. God love ’em.

Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone, Will. You know you’re good lookin. We know you’re dapper. We are all in agreement

that  even if it was raining sideways, that opinion wouldn’t change. It’s your personality and heart that you want the ladies

attracted to! Great to see the rest of the grown up gang too! Happy we went on a little (cold and slightly wet) adventure together!

Heart, Melanie.

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