Mr. & Mrs. Schwallie!

I feel like it was an eternity ago that Hannah emailed me asking to save the various dates her and Austin were looking into. And now here the wedding

has come and gone in a blink!

Those adorable matching buns for mommy and daughter!

The first of many times, Hannah lost her shiz. Her mom was like,”Gosh! I just hugged you!!!” I love emotional couples!

Hey Hannah, you’re a jaw dropper.

This magic moment between my husband and Blevins. Bahaha.


Hot mamas!!!

It was so brutally cold. Hannah’s thin silk dress made the wind alll the more miserable. She was so numb and wanted to quit but we had barely

got anything besides groups. So in my nicest most loving voice I said, “Girrrrl. You need to You look so damn hot and you will

regret it in the worst way if we don’t get these portraits of you guys.” They laughed and said, “FINE!!!” Adam and I did our bests to quite literally

hold her hands, feet, and create all the friction of warmth on her legs to buy us a few more minutes.

I mean, can you even look at these and be like, I wish I would have gotten on the bus instead. NOPE. Y’all are stunning! WORTH IT.

That porcelain skin!

St. Xavier is so breathtaking!

Gorgeous. You look good too, Beck. :0

They really wanted to “dance with somebody.”

Hope you guys had a fun and warm trip! Thanks for fighting the urge to retreat in the freezing temps when every inch of your body hurt!

We knew it would be worth it, just needed to convince the rest of you it was. 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday season as an official family of three!

Heart, Melanie.

  • Olivia - KILLED IT, Mel and Adam, as always!

  • Becky Schwallie - Mel and Adam,
    You two are amazing at what you do!!!
    It does not hurt a bit that Hannah is so beautiful and Austin just a little bit handsome (lol)!! It was a beautiful day!
    Thank you ❤️ Becky

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