The Meisels.

Nikki was worried that this late in the season, their backyard wouldn’t be pretty anymore. Looking out the back windows, it was indeed quite

bare but, angles and lighting and bokeh, baby!!

The dogs were hilarious. Don’t be fooled that the big guy sat there so calm. He acted like a puppy with the attention span of a gnat. Sticks! Leaves!

Run! Plaaaay! He wanted me to play fetch more than take his picture and I totally respected that. I wish I had his energy!

When mom looks as hot as her teenager!


Max is a senior, so we spent the rest of the time walking their property.

He’s an outdoorsy, hunting kinda guy so this background worked well for his personality!

I love your hoodie with this scene!

Gimme all the golden weeds!

I feel like I got some pretty authentic smiles! Super handsome, Max!

It’s super easy to make high school guys laugh because when I’m all up in their face, they’re rather uncomfortable and the sooner they laugh,

the sooner I’m outta their face. :0

We wandered to the neighbors yard and talked about scary woods stories and murders. :-0 Cause that’s apparently how I make young

guys feel less awkward around me. ::shrug::

Love this!

It was nice to meet you all and thanks for humoring me, Max! Happy Holidays! Heart, Melanie.

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