The Demeropolises.

A couple minions escaped from the giggle factory.

Emmett is shy and calm. Then theres that other one. Bahaha. Viv showed me all sides of her in 90min!

I’ve said it before but I love all the things about early school age teeth and lack there of.


On the right she was trying so hard not to smile…so sorry to be funny! :0

Hell ya, E!

You guys should be a stock photo. 🙂

I move very fast with the kids, concentrating on light, focus, composition…all the things,  that sometimes they do something on the

sly, I don’t realize it. This goof cross her eyes as we were playing and while I was making sure my focus was sharp on her eye,

I was like, what the heck?! Totally made me LOL!

Just your typical moving children spot to spot during November sessions!!

Such joy!

Viv being Viv.

No blanket really wasn’t an option. The cold reached deep into our bones and the cute cuddling was the only way to go!!

I told the boys to play Mortal Kombat while I metered my light.


And then the cold just took over to the point I couldn’t pull anymore laughs out of them. I would have sat down and cried too.

Great work, team! Glad you could hang tough for a full session in the 30s with no sun!! Good to see you! Heart, Melanie.

  • Sandi - OMG! Lauren, how are you and Tom gonna choose? Love love love

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